The working process
is the most essential component of any project.

We do everything possible to make our workflow coordinated, practical, and transparent for our clients. We can join your project at any stage, all we need is to understand your business and user needs.

Below, you can familiarize yourself with an example of a typical working process that we recommend for most of our projects. This allows us to achieve the best results without exceeding project deadlines.



We conduct an online or offline meeting in which we will discuss your business goals and gather all the necessary information before starting the research. We will learn about your target audience, your business, and competitors.



At this stage, we conduct research, identify competitors' weaknesses, and determine your competitive advantages in the market. If it's a multi-page website, we develop a detailed site architecture. We also write content and create a prototype of your future website.



On the third stage, we initially create design concepts based on previously prepared references or your design system. After the approval of the design concept, we proceed to create design layouts for all pages according to the prototype. It's worth noting that the design is developed for three main types of devices - desktop, tablet, and mobile.



At the final stage, we collaborate with you to create design guidelines based on the results from the previous stages. This is necessary for the subsequent stages of creating and developing your project. We aim to ensure that after our work, the entire team knows how to work with it.

If, by any chance, you decide to engage our remote team for the further development of your product or the creation of an MVP, two additional development stages should be added here.



We choose a development platform based on the specified technical requirements. This can range from no-code development on Webflow for landing pages or small websites to fully custom development on a tailored stack meeting the specific needs of your project.



After completing the main development stages, we conduct testing to identify bugs and ensure the proper functionality of the website or product. We examine everything, including display on various devices, animations, and integrations with third-party services. If any bugs are found, we promptly fix them?

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